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Starting with wooden mustaches for Mustache Day at my kids' school, we have been making videos showing how to make various projects and posting them on YouTube for everyone to view (for free!) in order to promote the art of woodworking.  Most projects were built to suit our needs, so plans were never officially created and are not available.  However, that shouldn't stop you from creating your own plans and making something for yourself!

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Most recent video:

Magic Floating Live Edge Shelf:  Dominic Bender of Dominics Woodworks is offering his Third Annual Tree Challenge, and this time around I was able to make a few projects in time to enter!  For my third entry into his challenge, I took a slab of maple that had some bark on it and made a shelf.  Not just any shelf though, it's a MAGIC shelf that floats up on the wall without any visible means of support!  Well, maybe it's not magic, but it's at least going to be interesting to show to visitors.

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